Weekend Game Rental

Board Game Rentals now available to Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding area.

We are currently closed for dine-in but, you can still rent games! All Games rented will have been quarantined for at least 72 hours before your pick-up.

The rental period is 3 days. Pick-up on Friday/Saturday and return on Monday.

How Much?
Rent 2 games for $15 or, 3 for $20

How Do I Rent Games?
We have recently started using Ruckify, a rental app, for game rentals. We recommend using the 2 or 3 Game rental option at the top of our Ruckify Store for the best value.

*Please note, some of our more rare games are unavailable for rent and some of our more expensive games are only available at a higher rate than listed. Our whole game library was migrated over to Ruckify and we are still adjusting pricing on some single-game listings.

But First, Get Some Freebies!!

Use the referral code: GAMESONTAP or click the referral button to get $25 in Ruckbucks with Ruckify. That’s almost 2 Weekends of Free Rentals!

Ruckify Referral Sign-Up

Already Have Ruckify? Continue to our Ruckify Store to rent.

Select a Value Bundles for the Best Rate
Ruckify 2 Game Bundle Button
Ruckify 3 Game Bundle Button

Ruckify Store Full Listing

TIP: If using the full store listing for individual games, click the image of the game you’d like and then select the Orange “Select Dates and Times” button.

How are games cleaned?

Games are quarantined for 72 hours upon return similar to what libraries are doing with book returns. We will endeavour to sanitize parts that can be, without ruining the components.

There is no need to sanitize the game yourself after play as if will be immediately placed in quarantine upon return.

Why are you using Ruckify now?

They offer several benefits. We no longer have to log your credit info as you’ll order through their site. They offer a delivery option if you prefer. They offer the $25 referral bonus that our customers can take advantage of and of course, Ruckify expands our online marketplace presence to hopefully rent more games.

Can I order food and drink with my games pickup?

Yes, food & drink (including canned beer & cider) can be ordered for pickup but, not delivery. Please see our online menu.