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Top 10 Party Games For the Cards Against Humanity Lover

Cards Against Humanity is still one of the most played games we see played today. It is getting stale for you and you’re looking for something new try one of these gems below. Maybe it’ll become your new favourite.

Red Flags

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Who’s ready for a date? In this game, one of you will be the active player, the single, going on a date. The others will draw 4 white cards and 3 red cards. Now each player will choose 2 white perk cards. These are good traits for your character, reasons the single will want to pick your character. Before the single picks, everyone will play 1 of their 3 red flag cards on the player to their left’s character. These are bad traits that will deter the single from picking you. Now advocate for your character to the Single. Whoever they pick, wins the round. Discard everything and around and around we go.

Trial By Trolly

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Classic game of what would you choose. This game is fun in that you play in teams but the teams are always changing. It plays Ideal with 7 but you can play with as few as 3 and also much more than 7. In a round if you are the conductor, you’ll be in charge of a runaway train that’s about to fork. The players on your left will control the left track and the right the right. The deck will draw one angel card on each track just to start things off. Each time has to advocate for their tracks to avoid getting death tokens. The player with the most death tokens loses. But before you choose the teams can raise the moral steaks and beef up their tracks. Each team will get 3 angel cards, 3 devil cards and 3 modifier cards.

The teams will choose 1 angel card and play it on their own track. Now there’s two reasons for you to not go down either side. Afterward, each team will pick one devil card and play it on their opponents track. Hopefully luring you to mow down the opponents track. And finally, teams can play 1 modifying card on either their own track or their opponents, whichever they think will benefit them the most. Teams now fight to not be run over and then you have to pick. Whichever track you run over every team member will receive a death token.

Now the player to you left is the conductor and you join a team. Discard all the cards and start all over. Once everyone has been the conductor twice, see who’s got the fewest death tokens. They win!

Trial By Trolly

Personally Incorrect

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Perhaps the most similar to Cards Against Humanity, this game plays very similarly. The reader for the round will draw a card and then everyone else will submit a card to match. You’ll have 10 cards to choose from, replenish your hand at the start of a new round. The difference, this game has a blank where the reader will insert the name of someone at the table. If you want to avoid picking on any one person you can decide to always read the card about the player to your right or, you can pick anyone. Just play the same way for the whole game. Once the card is read about a specific person in your group, everyone will submit a card, even the reader. The reader will then shuffle the cards and reveal the submissions. All players except the reader vote which is best and that player wins the card.


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This is a fun, quick thinking party game. Everyone has to be alert at all times, so keep that in mind. The game starts with a couple of draw piles in reach of all players, on your turn draw a card from any pile and place it face up in front of yourself. Each card will show a category and a symbol. The next player will do the same, and so on. Eventually, your symbol will match another’s. If this happens, you and that other player will face-off, you’ll have to say something specific to their category before they say something related to yours. First player to do so, wins the card. Place won cards facedown in a pile near you. Your faceup pile should only ever have one card visible at a time. As you draw cards on your turn, cover up the previously drawn cards into a faceup pile.

There are also wild cards in the deck, if you draw one of those just put it faceup in the middle for all to see, only one wild card can be in play at a time. The wild cards will make two non-matching symbols match, making it harder to notice the matches. As all players should always be looking for matches, if you notice a match between other players, don’t let the game continue until all matches have been resolved.

Hot Seat

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In this game players take turns being in the ‘Hot Seat’. That player draws 3 cards, and picks one to read aloud. The cards are all personal questions and you must pick one. All players including you write down an answer to the card. Once everyone submits their answers, you read them all aloud. Players then guess in clockwise order which answer was yours. If they get it right, they get 2 points. You also get a point for each player that guesses your card. If someone wrote the exact same answer as you, give them 4 points. And that’s it, the player to your left is now in the Hot Seat. Play to as many points as you like or play until everyone has been in the Hot Seat x number of times and whoever has the most points wins.

The Voting Game

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This game asks a bunch of ‘interesting’ questions and everyone in the group can then vote on who they think is the answer to the question. The votes will be submitted anonymously and everyone can guess who they think picked them. That can then create some interesting discussions. Finally, to score points, if the majority of people picked you, you win the question card. First player to receive 6 question cards will win. So, although you may not always enjoy being people’s vote, at least you might be one step closer to winning.

Spank The Yeti

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This is a guess what your friend might do and tends to be pretty dirty. So, not for everyone but it might just be what your group is looking for. A round consists of 3 action cards and object cards. The active player has to select one action to assign to each object that they would do. No passing, you gotta pick something. Before you reveal your choices everyone else will try to predict what you will pick. Once everyone is locked into their guesses the player to your left will reveal what they predicted and explain why. Explaining why is all part of the fun and adds to the hilarity that may ensue. After all the predictions are revealed, you as the active player will reveal your choices and explain why. Guessers will score 1 point per match and you’ll get as many points as the highest scoring.

What Do You Meme

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What do you Meme is pretty much exactly the same as a Card Against Humanity – each player draws 7 caption cards. The judge for the round will draw a photo and everyone except them will submit, in secret, a caption. The judge can then read all the captions and pick their favourite.

Joking Hazard

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This game is by Cyanide & Happiness and tends to be most fun if you’re familiar with those comics. All players will have 7 cards and take turns being the judge. As the judge, you will draw a random card from the deck to start the comic strip, you can then edit that with a card from your hand before or after that card. Now all other players get to finish the strip from their hands. They’ll all submit a card face down and you then get to shuffle them up and reveal. Pick your favourite and they get to keep a card to track their points, first to 3 wins or until you want to quit.

Red cards: If you have one of these in your hand, you can only play it as a final card. If the judge draws one from the deck to start a strip then the judge does not play a card. Instead, everyone else submits 2 cards to complete the comic strip.

Dirty Neighbors

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Get some paper and pens to play this one. Take turns reading the card. When you are the reader, draw a card and read it. The card will specify who the card is about. Everyone except that person can submit an answer to the card. And then the subject matter of the card can pick their favourite to select a winner. You can mix up the rules if you like, and do voting instead or whatever you like. If you do a voting method, one suggestion is you can always let the person the card is about also submit and answer. Maybe if the general vote picks their card, they can get bonus points. The game can be pretty flexible with the way you play.

New Phone Who Dis

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Here’s another CAH copycat that plays the same way. Everyone draws 7 reply cards that are your potential answers to a text message. The judge for the round will draw an inbox card and then everyone submits a reply to that message. Shuffle them up and reveal them. Then pick your favourite or the funniest. The player that submitted that card wins the round. Everyone draws back up to 7 cards and then just play again with the next judge.

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