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Support Us With A Puzzle

PieceTogether is supporting local small businesses and artists with puzzles! Check them out to see all the cool puzzles you can get. We’ve created a portion of our Game Wall as a puzzle! We hope that you’ll enjoy it. The cost of the puzzled at $35

During this third lockdown we, unfortunately, are closed again. If you are looking to support us we cannot thank you enough! We already have Gift Certificates and Board Game Rentals in place. We hope that you’ll enjoy this newest addition. Most of the games are not in the right place. For added fun try to remember where they are really located in the cafe :). Thanks for your support!

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“$10 goes to the physical costs of the puzzles including shipping. $10 goes to the production and maintenance of the project. A minimum of $15 goes to the business or artist represented in the puzzle.”

PIeceTogether FAQ

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