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Get answers to our most frequently asked questions below in our faq list.

Can I make a Reservation?

Reservations can be made most days of the week depending on availability. You can make a reservation online right now

Do you have a time limit?

We have a 3-hour limit during our high volume times. Those are usually Friday and Saturday nights. This is to accommodate other groups waiting to get in. We will always give you about a 30 minutes heads-up before we need the table. If a night is unexpectedly slow and we don’t need the table, we can extend your stay.

Are there nights where there’s no time limit?

Our time limit is a daily policy. But, it is rarely in effect apart from Friday & Saturday. If you’re hoping for a longer stay, a non-weekend night is recommended.

Do you have games for 2 players?

Yes! We have lots of 2 player games. We have a red circle sticker on all our 2-player games. There are hundreds of red stickers on our shelves. Come try one today! Want some more ideas, read this list of 2-player games we often recommend.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we have several draught beer options, wine, ciders hard seltzers and other mixed drink options available.

Do you have memberships?

We have released a summer membership in previous years. Otherwise, we have a stamp card that you can take advantage of. You can collect one stamp per customer per visit with the additional purchase of food and/or drink per customer on top of the game play cover. After 6 stamps you’ll be eligible for a free game play! Basically, it gives you $1 every visit if you come regularly.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, We are a family-friendly environment. We have lots of great games for kids available for play. check out our games list.

Do you take game requests?

Yes! If a game is in high demand we’ll do our best to add it. We do stay away from certain games though so we won’t add everything. If a game has a lot of miniatures and/or requires an excessive amount of space or is a legacy game that can only be played once we likely won’t be adding it to our shelves.

Do you sell games?

We do have a small selection of games for sale in-store. stop in or give us a call to see what we have.

If we didn’t answer your questions. send us a message