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Hidden Gem Series

Can’t Stop!

2-4 players • 30 minutes • ages 9+

Can't Stop Board Game Photo

In this press your luck game, you race your opponents to be the first to complete 3 rows. The rows are numbered 2-12, and will correspond to paired dice from your roll. The active player always rolls 4 dice. Use the white markers to track your current progress. After your turn, you can always stop and save your progress or you can press your luck, roll and advance your white markers. If you decide to stop, replace your white markers with your colour markers and hand the white markers to the next player. If instead you decide to continue, roll the dice. There are only 3 white markers so you can only advance at most 3 numbers per turn. Keep that in mind. If you fail to advance at least one white marker on your turn, remove all the white markers and your turn is over. You do not get to mark your progress with your colour. Instead, all your current turn progress is lost. 

Once a player has completed a row, that number is unavailable to all players. So, that lucky number 7 will eventually become not so lucky at all. 

Recap for your turn. Roll all 4 dice, pair them as you like. Then add or advance white markers based on your pairings. If you have previously saved progress in that row, place the white marker ahead of it to continue your progress. Roll again, and repeat or stop and save. 

Try these variants for more fun. If you have less than 4 players, complete more rows – 3 players, complete 4 rows, 2 players complete 5 rows. Or, if you have a white marker on your opponent’s colour, you can’t stop until you get off. No two players can have coloured markers on the same space. Or, for a faster game, try the variant where you get to leapfrog your opponents’ markers. 

Our thoughts – this game is great. It’s not much to look at and tends to trip people up a bit at the start for some unknown reason. But, just keep it simple. Follow our turn recap. It doesn’t get much easier than that.