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A Great Two Player Game


Blokus Duo, a new addition to our library is a great two player game. The game play is very similar to the original except players start at the designated starting spaces more towards the middle of the game board. This, along with the smaller playing area, forces a bit faster interaction with your opponent. With just two colours this version is a bit easier for a new player to grasp the concepts of the game, as opposed to the two-player variant in the original.

blockus duo board game

Game play is similar with pieces laid corner to corner. The same colour pieces cannot overlap. Players get a bonus 15 points if they use all of their pieces and a bonus 5 points if their last piece played is the single square. Players lose 1 point for each square on any unused pieces. The player with the most points wins.

Stop in today and give it a try! Check out more details at board game geek. Check dout our full game list to see what else we have for play.