Covid-19 Dine-in Requirements

Thank you for coming to Games on Tap. During COVID REDZONE we do have some rules in place to help keep you, us and other customers as safe as possible during their stay. Please bear with us as we navigate this difficult time and follow all posted signs, directions from staff and the rules listed below. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Facemasks are Required

In compliance with bylaw 20-035 and for the safety of all our staff and other customers, all customers must wear a mask unless engaging in eating or drinking. If you choose not to wear a mask or can’t we are happy to provide you with takeout/curbside services for food & drink but cannot accommodate dine-in at this time.

Social Distancing

Please observe social distancing between yourself and other customers not in your party/bubble. Tables are properly spaced out and are not to be moved to ensure social distancing.

Entry for Takeout

Please call to place your takeout orders. You can also come in to place your order in person. Upon arrival, follow the blue arrows on the floor towards the cash to retrieve & pay for your order. Please wear a mask upon entry and exit.

Entry for Dine-in

Reservations are required before coming so we can prepare and ensure you have a properly sanitized table. If you are coming impromptu, we recommend that you call ahead to ensure we have seating available.


Reservations can be made online or by phone, email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger or WhatsApp. Include your name, phone number, party size, day and time.


At this time, to reduce the sharing of menus we have posted our menu online. While seated, there are table toppers with the link and a QR code for quick access to the menu at each table.


We will come to your table to take your order. This will help minimize walking traffic in the cafe. In an effort to minimize close contact between staff and customers. We will aim to limit our visits to your table. Please don’t hesitate to flag us down if you need us at any time.

When bringing food and drink to a table, the server will place all items at the head of the table or the most open and accessible part of the table. This helps to reduce close contact. With that spirit in mind, we ask customers to please place any dishes that need to be cleared in that same location for pickup.

Where possible please have one bill per table to help limit contact and interaction with the payment terminal. You are welcome to come up to the cash to pay when you have finished or flag us down and we can bring the terminal to your table.


One Game Rule We are limiting tables to one game at a time. This helps reduce quarantine needs on games that might not get played.

Our Shelves are roped off and accessible only by staff. This helps to reduce unnecessary contact with game boxes. Additionally, REDZONE protocol requires customers to remain seated unless using the washroom, playing or entering/leaving. Please ask your server for a game title and they will bring it to your table. See all available games in our online game list.

When done with a game please let your server know and they will bring it into the quarantine area. Please don’t put games back on the shelf yourself.

Games will be quarantined for 72 hours after play and sanitized where possible before returning to the shelves for future customers.