Games on Tap Euchre Rules

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Play Structure

We will be playing a style of Progressive Euchre where your partner will change throughout the event. We’ll aim to play 8 games in total consisting of 8 hands each. Depending on time we may play fewer games. 

Tables will be assigned numbers. Players must sign up when you arrive and take a personal score sheet. The sign up sheet will indicate where to sit for your first game. After game 1, winning teams will rotate to the next table and losers stay behind. Losers should switch seats so they are not playing with each other again. Winners from table 1 move to table 2, winners from table x move to table 1. 

Important Rules

  • If you order up your partner you must play a lone hand. ie. dealer sits out. 
  • Stick the dealer is in effect if no one picks trump

Please note, if an odd number of players exist and a sit out is required, sit out players will join table 1 the following game and players moving to table 1 will sit out the next game. 

Games will not be played to 10 points. Instead each game will consist of eight hands. Once everyone has dealt twice the game is over. Each player will track their score individually on their score card per game. 


Team that declares trump wins 3 or 4 tricks = 1 point per team member 

Team that declares trump wins all 5 tricks = 2 points per team member 

Player goes alone and wins 3 or 4 tricks = 1 point per team member 

Player goes alone and wins all 5 tricks = 5 points for alone player & 4 points for their partner

Team forces a euchre = 2 points per team member


Renege = 2 points each for other team

Renege on lone hand = 4 points each for other team

Sit Out Exception Scenarios

Sitting out:  1 – 2 players

  • Sit Out Players get a buy. Take the average of your other game totals for this buy score. 
  • Players should only ever have to sit out one game per night at most. If you find yourself sitting out twice let us know and we’ll swap you with another player than has yet to sit out.

3 Players

If we’re short one player the 3 players short a fourth will play the following variety of cut-throat euchre. Setup remains the same – deal 4 hands including a dummy hand and flip up top card of the kitty. Players bid for trump skipping the dummy hand. If no one wants it the second round of bidding commences. This round will be stick the dealer. 

The maker of trump always plays alone. The maker is allowed to mix and match their hand with the dummy hand to form a new 5 card hand. This player will be playing against the other two players. Note: If a player goes alone they are not allowed to mix their hand with the dummy hand. 

3 Player Scoring

If the maker takes 3-4 tricks they earn 1 point

If the maker gets all 5 they get 3 points

If the maker goes alone and get all 5 they get 4 points

If the maker is euchred the other players score 2 points

Other Notes

Tiebreaker for deciding winning team – Draw a card per team, high card is the winning team.